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My Services

Most of what I do, and love, is individual therapy with people whose lives have been touched by cancer in some way. This includes individuals recently diagnosed, going through treatment, transitioning from treatment to survivorship, long term survivors, those who have experienced recurrence, and those facing the end of life. I also work closely with the family or friends who provide care and support to cancer patients and survivors. I have particular expertise working with those who have undergone blood marrow/stem cell transplant and their family caregivers.

I use a compassionate, integrative, and strength-based approach to counseling and psychotherapy, using treatment techniques and modalities best suited to the individual needs of my clients. These modalities include, but are not limited to, supportive-expressive, insight-oriented, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal, meaning-centered, and existential therapies. In addition, I use relaxation, guided imagery, and mindfulness techniques as appropriate.


Although the majority of my clients find me due to the "cancer connection" not all that we focus on is cancer-related. Often the ripple effects of cancer impact one's identity, work, relationships, future, so we may spend time focusing on those things rather than the cancer itself or medical issues. In addition, although, most of my work is cancer-related in some way, I also see clients who are dealing with other medical issues, as well, such as neurological disorders, auto-immune conditions, and other acute and chronic illnesses.

Support groups can provide a powerful and profound means of connection to others who walking a similar path and "get it" without needing an explanation. I have enjoyed facilitating many support groups through the years, including groups focused on General Cancers, Cancer Caregivers, Students with Family Members who have Cancer, Caregivers of Stroke Survivors, LGBTQ individuals, Long term Survivors of Breast, Ovarian, and Gynecological Cancers, and Blood Cancers (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society). I currently facilitate several online support groups for BMT InfoNet, for survivors and caregivers of Bone Marrow/Stem Cell Transplant Survivors who are living with Graft-versus-Host Disease.

I currently serve as a consultant to BMT InfoNet, a leading not-for-profit organization dedicated to empowering, educating, and supporting patients who have undergone bone marrow/stem cell transplantation and their families. For the last several years, we have been working on projects to address the unmet mental health needs of these survivors and caregivers.

Past collaborations include work with BeTheMatch/National Marrow Donor Program, Office of Patient Advocacy, on their Caregiver Companion Program, the National Bone Marrow Transplant Link (nBMTLink) on their Caregiver Booklet, and with Dr. C. Nightingale (PI) on: Prepare to Care, A Supported Self-Management Intervention for Head and Neck Cancer Caregivers (NIH/NCI R03). I have served on the Health Research and Services Administration Advisory Council on Blood Stem Cell Transplantation (2007-2009) and on the Patient Advocacy Committee for the NIH Chronic GVHD Consensus Conference (2020). I am former president of the North Central Florida chapter of the Florida Psychological Association and current member of the Community Advisory Board for Survivors of Research - Triple Negative Breast Cancer Fund, in Gainesville, FL.

I have been honored to be asked to speak at a number of local, state, and national conferences and symposia through the years, as well as, to record presentations for BMT InfoNet ( and webinars and a podcast for the National BMT Link ( 

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